Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Bron and Sons Nursery Inc. (Bron and Sons) that personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and/or your telephone number is private and confidential. Your privacy is important to us: Bron and Sons maintains an Internet privacy policy to protect your personal information on its website.

Although this website may include links to other sites, this privacy policy applies only to this site. Users should carefully examine the privacy statements of sites linking to or from this site, which do not display the Bron and Sons logo. Personal information that you choose to provide to other sites will be subject to the privacy policies of those sites.

Bron and Sons at all times adheres to applicable legal or regulatory requirement(s) concerning the storage and protection of personal information. While Bron and Sons is the custodian of the Personal Information provided to it, it does use third party service providers. Some of these service providers and the databases where they store personal information are located outside of Canada. You should note that where Personal Information is located outside of Canada, it is subject to the laws of that jurisdiction in which it is located.

Through your use of the ‘Contact Us’ screen on the Bron and Sons web site, you may communicate with our employees. Employees may use your email address and all of the information you submit in order to respond to your questions or suggestions.

Similar to other commercial web sites, our web site utilizes a standard technology called "cookies" and web server logs to collect information about how our web site is used. Each time a visitor comes to the site, our web server collects only the visitor's domain name or IP address but not the e-mail address.  This data will not disclose your identity or personal data and will not enable us to contact you. This data is used to help analyze the browsing patterns of our visitors in order to improve the content and design of the website.

Personal information provided by you will not be sold to any third parties, nor will such information be added to bulk e-mailing lists unless requested by you.

Any changes to the Bron and Sons Privacy Policy will be promptly communicated on this page. Policy changes will not alter how we handle previously submitted personal information.